August 30, 2011- My last show has a bit of a drug problem…

• August 31st, 2011

It is, once again, that time of year where I must say goodbye, but this time it seems for a bit longer than I anticipated. My inactivity as a grad student has gotten my access to the studio revoked, so it seems like this will be more than my normal Brett Favre-esque retirement where I end up coming back next May.

As for the title of the show this week (which is actually my aborted playlist from a few weeks back when my recording interface decided to stop cooperating), kind of shifts the show in the direction I had been anticipating going upon returning next year until these recent developments. Note that it just doesn't have stoner rock/metal/doom, but a variety of metal bands that have used drug-based themes in their music, so it is a much more diverse playlist than I've had in the last 2 years.

As for the future of this podcast, I will be trying with every best effort to maintain an every other week schedule of uploading an archive of old shows from the early to mid 2000's, long before the Gateway to Oblivion, that I have stashed in a drawer under my bed. Should be interesting to say the least.

Keep listening, and I promise to keep going. Hopefully, I'll be back on the air live and with new episodes if/when I pursue my master's degree.



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August 9 and 16, 2011

• August 16th, 2011

My apologies for these 2 weeks, but it seems that I have lost access to the radio station at CCSU. There will be only 1 more new broadcast, ever, of the Gateway when I can line up a time that I can have someone let me into the studio. Unless this is just a mix-up, but I'm not holding my breath.

But I will begin uploading archives of shows I have recorded in years past, dating back to 2003.

It was a fun ride while it lasted. I will try to come back when I possibly pursue further education at CCSU, but for now this one last show and my reruns will do for now.


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August 2, 2011- Take Cover!

• August 3rd, 2011

This week is a show I've had in the works for quite a while, even before this summer season started. All cover songs by many of our usual bands covering classic tracks from either other stoner rock/metal bands or, in some cases, influential blues or classic rock bands/artists.

On a programming side note, August 30th will be the final Gateway to Oblivion broadcast/podcast of 2011. Summer 2012 will bring a slightly different format to the show that I think will be more diverse, entertaining, and lastly a great freakin' time.

Until next week!

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July 26, 2011 - Another themeless random week

• July 26th, 2011

First off, Devin Townsend show was great last Tuesday. Sorry for leaving all of you high and dry for the week.

Secondly, Red Fang killed it at the Hartford date of the Mayhem Music Festival. Thank you, Portland, Oregon for giving metal such a gem of a band and an excuse to get the most brutal sunburn I've gotten in years.

And now, for this week's show. No theme this week. Just too busy to concoct something for you this week. However, I do apologize for the recording issue in this week's podcast, as the first 25 minutes or so are missing because of corrupted file caused by the spontaneous halted recording in my session.

Two points of interest in this show, though. One, is my small tribute to Leslie West of Mountain in the form of Clutch's cover of "Immortal." And two, is my choice to play a song off Nirvana's Bleach album as a "protest" of people proclaiming the 20th anniversary of their hugely successful follow-up to Bleach, Nevermind, with I really don't care for much.

Until next week, enjoy!

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July 12, 2011- Who needs Bongripper here for a good show?

• July 12th, 2011

Due to circumstances surrounding Bongripper's van's untimely demise, they were forced to cancel their tour which was supposed to hit New Haven on July 13th at BAR. But in lieu of their absence, my show's second hour features a five song set of what could have been an awesome gig.

FYI- No show next week. I will be at the Devin Townsend Project show in Worcester.

See ya in 2 weeks.

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July 5, 2011- All-American Independence Day Special

• July 6th, 2011

My annual belated 4th of July edition of the Gateway to Oblivion. All tracks certified 100% American and Intoxicated.

Theme TBD for next week. Later!

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June 28, 2011- “More than one way to hang a jury” edition

• June 28th, 2011

A stoner rock/metal tribute to my canceled appearance for jury duty this morning. Rather surprised I found as much as I did to fill the whole 2 hours.

Next week. All US stoner rock/metal for the Independence Day holiday weekend (although my show is after the weekend).

Until next week, enjoy!

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June 21, 2011- Stoner Solstice Spectacular

• June 21st, 2011

Today's the summer solstice, so in celebration of the season, I planned a summer themed playlist for my listeners here on the internet.

Unfortunately, it's not my most "pro" show ever, as I had a few board snafus, aka I hit the wrong button a few times, but hell, this is live radio before it hits the web.

Back next week!

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June 7, 2011- Earth’s Getting Artsy-Fartsy in Hartford

• June 8th, 2011

In preparation for Earth (from Seattle, WA) playing at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford on June 14 (details available at, I have an Earth-laden edition of the Gateway this week. I spaced the Earth tracks through out the show, so to avoid the monotony, albeit epic, that comes with a band like that.

No podcast next week, as I will be at said Earth show, but I will have a new edition up on June 21st at the earliest.

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May 31, 2011- “I Missed the MD Deathfest again!” edition

• May 31st, 2011

Once again, I missed the Maryland Deathfest, and this year hosted a few notable stoner/doom metal acts that I wish I could have seen. Of note are Neurosis, Cathedral, Buzzov-en, Orange Goblin, Ghost, Corrosion of Conformity, and Kylesa. So, as my feature during the second hour, I played tracks from those bands' either "best" or most recent recordings.

And there is an additional 25 minutes of material at the end as I was filling in until the DJ after me arrived. Ignore all references to moving to 8-10 pm also, as I was just making good use of the Jump to Conclusions mat.

Next week will be a new theme (yet to be determined) for the second hour. Any suggestions?

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